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I will tell you about myself. I have  been in Real Estate as a broker since 1993!  Time flies when you enjoy your work. I have basically touched on all avenues of real estate.  I have worked with Century 21 and Re/Max in Florida until 2001, when I made the move to North Carolina.  

I originally became a broker  for another chain brokerage and finally decided I wanted to do real estate my own way, so I started my own brokerage firm.  After working for such large firms, I wanted to be an agent who knows and cares for the success of their clients.  Whether, it be a buyer, seller or investor, I wanted the personal touch and feel the happiness of a successful journey along with my clients.  

I began doing foreclosures years back and now banks call me for assistance for price opinions, listing and selling their homes all the time.  So if I can assist you with my expertise please feel free to contact me anytime.

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